Squeeze Stress Ball

Once you squeeze this fun stress reliever you'll never put it down. This clear thermal plastic rubber ball filled, with red gel-filled beads, gives a massaging feel when squeezed and returns to original shape when released.
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Passport Brochure

Hot off the press these redesigned passports are an old favorite wrapped in an updated SGL package and still features a die cut business card slot. Great for quick handouts, trade shows, and leave-behinds. The passport content covers both North American and International services with some technology highlights. When folded the passports measure...well...the same size as a passport pretty much, 3.25" x 4.75"

Air Freight Document Envelope

Sold in quantities of 500 only. RN: E7510

Measures 6.5" x 9.5"

Pen - Accent Grip

Made of rubberized aluminum and features plunger action clicker. A great soft feel with unique polished grip. Blank ink.